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About TPL Maps

TPL Maps, a part of the TPL Corp was launched in 2016 and is the first indigenous digital mapping company of Pakistan providing GIS-based scalable solutions to businesses with the aim of contributing data to the community. Licensed by the Survey of Pakistan, TPL Maps has the largest location-based data collection with over 400+ cities mapped, approximately 4.4 million geocoded addresses and over 300,000+ kilometers of road network mapped across the country. Our team consists of the brightest engineers, cartographers, surveyors and strategists in the region. Together, we have built TPL Maps to let people harness the power of location and empower businesses by providing them a geospatial edge.
In addition to our mapping services, TPL Maps’ flagship offering includes the in-dash navigation hardware and software which is a state-of-the-art advanced system equipped with the latest technology that is tailored for the region to make navigation accurate, faster and on-point.

Consistent innovation is integral to our philosophy of providing customers the best possible mapping solutions. We will be making alternations and additions to our existing products that will allow us to establish ourselves as a high-end technology company looking to offer convenience and ease of use to the end users.

TPL maps have been developed indigenously and we firmly believe that these localized mapping solutions will provide a holistic navigational experience to people all over Pakistan. Globally, maps have taken the center stage for e-commerce, fintech, advertising and games. Today we have enabled Pakistan to leverage the power of Maps for businesses, consumers and the Government sector.

TPL Maps is packed with smart people from all over Pakistan. We nurture the innovative side of our employees and encourage and embrace their creative ideas. We stimulate a mindset of curiosity, a mindset of working together to improve the idea of another person, so that ideas submitted are better than just individual ideas

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