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Pakistan generates millions of tons of waste a year, with the number rapidly increasing annually. Like most developing countries, Pakistan lacks waste management infrastructure, creating serious environmental problems for its citizens. Majority of the waste is either burned, dumped or buried, threatening the health and welfare of the general population.

In an attempt at changing mindsets towards cleanliness, TPL Maps is making a nationwide call to action, encouraging the public to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally safe lifestyle. By working on a mapping program that could analyse environmental waste management, the TPL Maps App with its #CleanGreenPakistan in-app functionality now allows users to mark and identify areas with environmental waste burdens such as over flowing garbage dumps, gutters and sewage sites, polluted canals, open manholes along with the feature of adding locations of  garbage dumps that can be used in polluted areas.

The data collected through TPL Maps can be used to track progress made in active cleanup efforts which the relevant authorities can use to prepare a plan for education, healthcare and other civic issues. The TPL Maps App can be even more valuable to individuals and local groups wanting concrete details about what is going on in their own communities in terms of waste management and how to tackle the issues.

This initiative will also help in sparking honest conversations about which Pakistani neighborhoods need to implement better waste management techniques.  In the future, the app aims to help citizens mark areas with other problematic issues that pose threats to the lives of Pakistani citizens.


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