Why TPL Maps’ Location Based Services are the best for local food delivery apps


A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service that is accessible through consumer devices such as, smart phones, tablets and desktop computers, making use of the geographical position of the device. In essence, location-based services are services that are using the capabilities of modern devices, positioning technologies and mobile networks to deliver to the user value added or service based information on his location.

TPL Maps now offers technology that enables restaurants to thrive in the fast growing market for food delivery. With convenience disrupting the restaurant sector and restaurant operators experiencing shifting consumer expectations around delivery services, TPL Maps’ location based services can pinpoint customers’ exact locations on a map which provides greater precision and optimizes the food delivery times. If your food delivery business integrates its digital assets with TPL Maps’ LBS platform, your riders no longer need drive around aimlessly, failing to find correct addresses or until they find the right route. TPL Map’s navigation app instantly guides riders on the correct path to their destination using our housing address search along with the only local street vision database in Pakistan. Say good bye to riders wasting time calling customers for directional queries.

TPL Map’s latest LBS Technology services can be embedded into your digital assets to accurately locate and deliver Food orders to customers at any location in Pakistan. TPL Maps is Pakistan’s first Local digital mapping service that has collected, crowd sourced and maintained the biggest holistic dataset growing at 400,000 geocodes per month in the country. The food delivery solution is a complete solution for food ordering or delivery facilitating an intelligent order management system to companies with accurate routing that helps riders to deliver orders piping hot!

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