Business Intelligence Solutions

Agri-Business Planning

An innovative solution though which geo-tagged, mapped & demarcated land data up to 5 years old in the form of satellite imagery is available.

Through this, the end-user can cross-check & verify information pertaining to the land in question & the amenities around that location, including weather, finance, historical data and other relevant details.

This solution can benefit banks, insurance companies, telcos and the government.

Insurance & E-commerce On the Go!

A smart solution that enables users to switch on insurance when & where they need it.

TPL Maps is currently offering travel accidental insurance but will later branch out into travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance, accidental death insurance, etc.

E-commerce will also be integrated via the app. using e-wallets, allowing smartphone users to pay for this service using their mobile balance. Non-smartphone users can also avail this service by sending a message to a designated number to activate the insurance themselves via shortcode.

This solution can benefit banks and insurance companies.

Community Maps & Complaint Management System

An interactive portal with civil services & amenities mapped on general maps providing a complete digital view of historical data with provincial & national constituencies mapped.

This portal offers historical & current election data to enable users to monitor, evaluate & manage the success of election campaigns and also serves as a Complaint Management System using data from crowdsourcing.

This interactive solution can benefit political parties, Election Commission, news channels and the general public.

Dispatch Solution

A solution that enables companies to map, monitor & manage their mobile workforce with greater efficiency in order to facilitate their customers on a timely basis.

The features include real-time communication based on automated complaints, vehicle tracking and dispatching facility along with alerts and notifications to track the progress of the job.

This interactive solution can benefit courier companies, fleet management companies and the ambulance network.

Media Solutions

An interactive data visualisation tool that enables news channels to integrate maps in their newsrooms.

This is done by effectively collecting, exploring & visualising mapping data & displaying it on the maps through colour coding on TV screens, mobile/web interface. Through this solution, news channels are able to track their reporters in the field in real-time, help improve the viewers’ understanding of the events through geographic orientation and build credibility for their channel. This solution can also be integrated with a news channel’s mobile app.

Multiple views available:

  • Satellite View
  • Map View
  • Street View

Auto/Navigation Solutions

A complete in-car navigation system 100% managed by TPL Maps.

This system is fully synced to the smartphone & bank to integrate payments. It is also more attuned to the Pakistani market due to an Urdu language option and is equipped with whatever the driver needs while being on the go:

  • Weather Updates
  • Payment Solutions
  • Traffic Updates
  • Branded Locations

Its features include the following:

  • Navigation
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Real-time Data Transfer
  • Live Vehicle Tracking

Driver Behaviour & Road Conditions App.

A platform that leverages smartphone sensors using mobile-based telematics to measure & record driving behaviours & road conditions, allowing the user to discover patterns in a driver’s day to day behaviour.

Based on these patterns, the app. detects the driver’s home and work locations, his points of interests (i.e. locations often visited and where a lot of his time is spent), his mobility habits, etc.

It offers the following features:

  • Driving Safety Measurement
  • Road Condition Awareness
  • Vehicle Sensor Data

This app. can benefit insurance companies, fleet management companies, cab hailing services and courier companies.

Traffic Solutions Portal

An online portal with complete data visualisation that allows users to access traffic data and extract meaningful insights in order to predict future trends & patterns.

This app. offers the following features that can be viewed on any stretch of road over any period of time and time of the day:

  • Actual Driven Travel Times
  • Average Speeds
  • Traffic Volume

Types of data available:

  • Historical Traffic
  • Live Traffic
  • Predictive Traffic
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