Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clear the recently searched data?

You may delete app data on your mobile, which will also clear search history.

For certain locations I see different blocks of details, which are not visible for others. Why is that?

Layout of an address details screen varies on the type of address you’re looking at. For places like cities, or colonies etc.

Why are there 2 different blocks of items on the search screen?

The search screen displays two main sections of your searches. Upper section shows the search queries you’ve recently performed. Tapping on any of the list items will execute the query again to show the same results as last time.

The section below shows your search history.

How can I get directions?

Simply tap the Navigation button in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Enter your desired location
  2. Tap Find Routes
  3. Choose one of the options to look at the preview (you can also slide up the bottom bar for a list view)
  4. Tap the Navigate button to start!

Can I compare route options?

When you request navigation for longer distances, the app provides two options to choose from.

  1. Based on distance – showing shortest possible routes.
  2. Quicker route options

While navigating, how can I restrict my view to focus on my location icon?

The floating button for location has three states. Tap once to bring the view to the current location. Tap again to fix the focus on your location (the location button will stay in the center). Tap again to switch to 3D view.

Can’t find your current location?

In device settings, enable Location Services and permit TPL MAPS to access them.

To do this on iOS, go to your device Settings > Privacy > Location Services>Switch ON for both your device and TPL MAPS.

For Android, go to Settings > Location Access and turn on GPS location (ideally Network Locations too).

The app is running slowly or crashing. What should I do?

We recommend clearing your cached maps, as TPL Maps processes information every time you perform search or navigate between places, and saving that data can sometimes cause slow-downs and loading issues.

How do I interpret Live Traffic Information?

Red lines = traffic jams
Yellow lines = slow moving traffic
Green lines = road segments that have recently been cleared and that the traffic has started moving swiftly.

Different ways to interact with the map screen?

You can pinch and pan to scroll through the map. Locations are displayed according to their priority and ranking.

All visible location labels are interactive, searchable and allow various actions to be performed on each location screen. You may also view live traffic information by turning ON the switch in the side menu.

Reporting bugs/crashes?

For Android, if the app crashes, use the default feature to email crash report. For iOS, contact us through the app store.

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