Location Based Games

Today, maps are not all about navigation and finding your way through unknown places. It has evolved into much more. If you are tired of sitting in front of your TV or computers all-day long, you certainly might be interested in trying out location-based games that are going to force you out of your house and wander around places while you play.

Remember the snake game that everybody used to play on their phones in the old days? That is exactly what the GPS location-based smartphone games will turn us into. We become that snake, wandering around to find our reward. Although nobody knows why, but we are addicted towards such games and they provide this strange satisfactory feeling.

Today all the smart phones are equipped with built-in GPS that takes advantage of the real-time location and allow you to interact with your surrounding areas, for you to complete objectives in the game. These games also get you to further heights by making use of augmented reality.

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