Location Based Marketing Services

TPL Maps being a leading location based website in Pakistan provides easy access to the individuals who are looking to shop locally. By means of local shops, we desired to provide you with the platform where you can display your advertisement through our mapping solution.

Location based marketing services mainly help your business to hunt your right target audience at the right time. Our mapping solution website provides the fastest search optimization option through which your product or services get an instant viewership from your targeted audience, and that is only possible because of our extensive reach of the map around the corners of Pakistan.

TPL Maps open heartedly invites clients with diverse businesses from all over the Pakistan to associate their customer through TPL Maps by posting on our website which can consist of the following options such as,

  • Location map based navigation
  • New coupons update.
  • Deals of all 24 hour time such as fast food meals and more.
  • Business messages
  • Display of GIF’s
  • Company contact details

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