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An interactive data visualization tool that enables services to major media companies, political parties, Election Commission Pakistan and public figures to integrate maps in their newsrooms, campaigns, and strategies.

This process is done by efficiently collecting, exploring & visualizing mapping data & displaying it on the maps through color coding on TV screens, mobile/web interface. Through this solution, news channels can track their reporters in the field in real-time, help improve the viewers’ understanding of the events through geographic orientation and build credibility for their channel. This tool can also integrate with a news channel’s mobile app.

Multiple visions available:

  • Satellite View
  • Map View
  • Street View

Feature for ECP (Election Commission Pakistan)

Analysis on 2013 elections:

NA & PA-Constituencies map according to:

  1. Party wise
  • Winner party in past elections.
  • Winner party in by-elections.
  • Individual party results.
  • Political party details.
  • Seats retained or flipped by parties (Comparison between 2008-2013 elections) User will be able to see results by selecting a political party.
  • Seats retained or flipped in bye-elections 2013.
  • Division wise seats gain or lost.
  • Location of Political rallies

2. Election stats

  • Name of the candidate won election.
  • Education of the candidate won election.
  • Assets of the candidate won election.
  • Candidates winning streak in a constituency
  • MPAs/MNAs who lost their seat
  • Age group of the successful candidate (youth)
  • Youngest and Oldest MNA and MPA

3. Population

  • Total population
  • Population density according to each constituency
  • Registered voters in each constituency.
  • Literacy rate.
  • Age group wise population/voters

4. Voting Trends

  • Voters turnout in past elections.
  • Impact of political rallies on voting Trend
  • Impact of
    • Ethnicity on constituency result
    • Literacy rate on constituency result
    • Affluence on constituency result
    • Political rallies on constituency result

Live Election Panel

Live updates from elections with real-time results counter on the map, updates from polling stations of each constituency along the past election data for comparison will give consumer out of the ordinary experience.

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