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The TPL Maps Mobile app is a sleek combination of the latest navigation technology and world-class traffic information. You will always choose the best route available based on accurate, real-time traffic information that gets you to your destination faster, every day.

Join our community of millions of users sharing traffic and other road data by sharing and adding their favorite locations and reviews, helping to give other users in the area a ‘heads-up’ about what’s to come.


Live Traffic

TPL Maps Mobile app allows any smart phone user in the country with the power of the test navigation technology and accurate traffic information that allows the app to always choose the best route available based on real-time traffic information from over 200,000 GPS equipped vehicles which help users to reach their destination faster

Street Vision

The street vision comes packed with features which include 60,000+ images and covers a street network of approximately 3,000kms across the three top cities of Pakistan. Street Vision lets individuals to view their favorite spots with the ease of their mobile screens and also serves as a tool for urban developers, architects and planners.

Night Mode & Weather

This feature increases navigating at night with increased on-screen visibility. This feature is easily switched on by a single tap, making the app screen darker in comparison to the default white background. The weather widget shows weather in real-time. So no matter where the user is going, they can be fully prepared for the journey ahead.

Navigation & Routing

TPL Maps provides voice guided turn-by-turn navigation while taking into considerations the live traffic information in the system as well as road priority levels and other variables to provide the optimum route according to the requirements of each individual user.

Offline maps

This feature allows users to download maps of their desired location and navigate without internet connectivity. Currently, offline maps are available for 10 cities, that include; Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Multan, Muzaffarabad and Peshawar.

Location Based Advertising

The application provides an avenue for retailers and other commercial partners to place location based advertisements for users. This feature would allow advertisers to communicate their message to users that are most likely to use their products and services based on their geographical location at that time.


The TPL Maps API is open and available for other companies to embed into their applications and websites.

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