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Innovative usage of the application is the ongoing demand for both the buyers and big businesses. With the smartest solution of maps and navigation services, TPL Maps Mobile SDK serves the platform to developers for building the innovative apps for both the users; iOS and Andriod.

TPL Maps uses Software Development Kit (SDK), as a tool set for creating applications with the addition of unique features into different mobile systems. The efficiency of TPL Maps Mobile SDK is somewhat different from others where they facilitate the developers with the absolute knowledge of various functions which can further help the developers to bring something new to the application market.

TPL Maps have always considered its operations into multi-use solutions. With the help of its steady tools, the developers have profoundly developed various features of the Map-based application. These features include offline calculation of different routes, turn overs, high frequency of visual geographic locations, street view, traffic indication, an advanced search of places, offline maps and view of the 3D structure.

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