Web API's

The use of API (Application Program Interface) is to provide developers an easy platform to make changes in features and functionality of the website. TPL Maps with the passion of innovation and creativity provides its developers with the same uniqueness under the mapping world.

Mapping APIs are most widely used APIs category after social networking around the world. TPL Maps APIs’ allow developers to build map-based websites and mobile applications by providing programmatic access to TPL Maps tools and services. It is designed to work on smart phone devices as well as the conventional desktop browser.

In TPL MAPS, Web API’s are the set of routines and protocols that mainly provide building blocks for computer programmers and web developers to build software applications.

TPL Maps Web API’S offers a variety of map functions and features that you can add to your web pages including

  • Routing
  • Search
  • Geo-coding
  • Reverse Geo-coding
  • Geo-fencing
  • Layer overlays

Now, whenever user searches for nearby restaurants in a food app, it will plot their locations on TPL Maps instead of creating its own maps. And that is via TPL Maps API, the food app passes the information, it wants to plot—like restaurant addresses along with the star rating to an internal TPL Maps functions inside the website.

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