Electorate 2018 Map on DAWN.com Powered by TPL Maps

Pakistan’s first Mapping Company and the most visited English news site Dawn.com collaborate to bring real time election result updates on your mobile


Pakistan is a country with nearly half the population using mobile phones. There are approximately 150 million mobile users, of which 56 million are 3G/4G subscribers. To ensure that the users are provided a better visual of the Elections, Dawn.com and TPL maps have designed a map which ensure updates in real time.

Keeping in mind the surge in the voter bank for this year’s election, of which the demographics show are smart phone users. To adhere to the need of this demographic to stay up to date with the election results, Dawn.com and TPL Maps together built a real time election map which also doubles as a tool which provides a complete analysis of the elections.

This tool by TPL Maps provides accurate NA seats constituency’s demarcation. Which allows the results of the last three elections to be compared with the current elections results along with the party positions. The live map provides the voter turnout according to the constituency you select, along with providing the number of votes each candidate has won.

For die hard election followers, this map will show them the results using different search criteria. It provides results based on political parties contesting in a specific constituency, which can be compared to previous election results of the same. Another analysis criteria it allows users to enjoy is to compare results of candidates as per their current election and their previous election.

Speaking at the Launch of TPL Maps on Dawn.com, Jahanzaib Haque the Chief Digital Strategist & Editor at DAWN.com said,

“Our experience with TPL Maps has been exceptional – we could not have asked for a better partner for this project. They managed to deliver an interactive map that not only surpassed other local efforts, but also matched if not exceeded election maps produced by some of the best news organizations globally. And all this was done in record time with multiple iterations sometimes delivered within hours based on editorial requirements and feedback”

“In particular we were happy to have found a Pakistani maps company to work with us as they understood the local context and needs”

The election maps can easily be accessed at: www.dawn.com/elections/map/

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