TPL Auto

TPL Maps provides superior quality Infotainment Systems along with Navigation Systems that are compatible for all the leading vehicle companies in Pakistan. These systems are equipped with the latest technology and we have worked very hard to meet your needs. These systems are easily available at attractive prices.

TPL Infotainment Systems

These systems are compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems, and they come with numerous features such as,

  • Digital TFT LCD Screen with Touch Panel Control
  • USB, SD and MSD card slots for Audio/Video Files
  • Built-in GPS Navigation with intelligence voice guidance
  • Unique 3D Flash Graphical User Interface
  • IPod Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Set
  • Remote Control
  • Auto Rear Viewing Function with Camera
  • Wi-Fi for Internet Connectivity and many more
TPL Maps Car Navigation Software

Our Navigation Software is rich in data, and it is built using advanced technology. Moreover, it is back by TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s largest tracking company. This state-of-the-art Navigation Software offers.

  • Urdu Maps
  • Door to door car navigation
  • Housing address search in all major cities
  • Voice guided navigation
  • Alternate Routes
  • HD Graphics with 3D Landmarks
  • Over a million points of interest (POI)
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