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TPL Maps Dispatch Solutions

Today almost every large company faces dispatch problems, may it be for complaints or for fleets. Managing these problems and getting technical support is a difficult and time-consuming process. Furthermore it reduces business productivity.

For your business to run smoothly, TPL Maps offers dispatch solutions that optimize businesses workings in order, delivery and fleet management sectors. These solutions help in providing a centralized monitoring center; which enhances the overall operations by creating efficient delivery and by reducing operational costs.

These solutions provide benefits in various ways:
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Time
  • Enhance overall efficiency
  • Timely resolution of problems
A Detailed Breakdown of These Steps:

Step 1: Complaint Generation

Based on the complaints that are received on the customer helpline numbers or via digital channels (emails, Facebook etc.), the customer care representatives will generate automated complaint generation via an app

Step 2: Mobile Vehicle Tracking

The specific area from where the complaint has been registered will appear on the app’s screen, together with the details about any and all the available technical teams in that area. Automatic alerts will be sent to those teams informing them about the issue

Step 3a: Job Acceptance

The team that will be available and equipped with the technical capabilities to perform the task will accept the job. A notification will be automatically send to the company’s control room, informing that the job is being taken care of

Step 3b: Forwarding the Complaint

If, in any case, the available team is unable to cater the job due to any technical restriction or unavailability of any resource, the complaint will be forwarded to other technical teams nearby, based on the heat map’s visualizing their location

Step 4: Route Map

When a team accepts a job, a route map will then be shared with the driver highlighting the area and guiding him to the exact location of the job

Optimizing Map Data for Improved Performance

In addition to various benefits, these solutions also enable you to collect data which allows it to analyze when and where these problems are occurring and devise a plan to solve these occurrences accordingly.

Our Dispatch Solutions work on multiple new features that were never offered or explored in Pakistan before, these include

  • SOS Option
  • Map View in Web Portal
  • Navigation Option with Route
More Reasons to Choose TPL Maps over Tracking World

TPL Maps also has the biggest geo-tagging database in Karachi

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